Such conclusion was made by scientists of the Otto Schmidt RAS Institute of Physics of the Earth and k-J the Institute of Ecological Problems of the North of the RAS Ural Branch Arkhangelsk Scientific Center after a series of joint research works in high latitudes. Everyone knows that wind shakes multistory buildings, cranes, factory chimneys, and other skyscraper constructions. Waves of their mechanic vibrations are transmitted through bearings and the substructure into the ground and are spreading over long distances. But why are they so interesting? Only sensitive seismic instruments can register these vibrations. However, it was found out: such vibrations can be used for "X-raying" geological environment for studying its structure. Near Archangelsk, specialists took advantage of this opportunity and began to measure how this seismicity develops in time and space at a different distance from the object radiating its own vibrations of concrete constant frequency under the impact of wind. Observations showed that the amplitude of monochromatic signal is characterized by areal changes. Its attenuation zone was extended to the northwestern direction, i.e. coincided with a proposed geological fracture. Since construction of a new atomic power plant was planned in this area, the scientists decided to carry out its preliminary studies. As a result, they revealed a shadow zone, i.e. signal attenuation zone. Concurrently it was found out that it radiates less vibrations than constant microseismic vacillations of our planet. Further research showed that nanoearthquakes are governed by the same physical laws as severe devastating earthquakes. By the way, theoretical studies proposed this even earlier, but there was no practical confirmation of this hypothesis-it has originated only recently. Thus, studies of microvibrations helped specialists to enrich their knowledge of behavior of "real" seismic blows; but studies of natural seismic events are very expensive and requi ... Читать далее
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