Free electron current unable to ensure the functioning of electrical installations
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Free electron current unable to ensure the functioning of electrical installations The animation demonstrates how an alternator generates electron-positron current. In the modern theory of electricity, the conduction current is considered to be the current of free electrons. And the theory of alternating current is based on the assumption that electrons can change the direction of motion in the opposite direction.  The fallacy of these theories is revealed if we consider the operation of alternators with a grounded neutral conductor, as is done in all industrial electrical installations.  It is known that the Earth's surface has a negative potential, in contrast to the ionosphere, which has a positive potential. The alternator generates the propagation of electrons from the negative potential of the Earth to the zero potential of the conductor. But in the opposite direction, that is, from the zero potential of the conductor to the negative potential of the Earth, electrons cannot propagate, due to the lack of potential difference between the Earth and electrons. And since in all industrial electrical installations the neutral conductor is grounded, the current of free electrons is not capable of ensuring the operation of any electrical installations. The current that ensures the operation of electrical installations is an electron-positron current propagating around conductors and around live parts of electrical appliances. And this current flows in electrical installations, mocking theorists Ток свободных электронов  не в состоянии обеспечить функционирование  электрических установок Анимация демонстрирует, как генератор переменного тока генерирует электронно-позитронный ток. В современной теории электричества током проводимости принято считать ток свободных электронов. И теория переменного тока, строится на предположении, что электроны могут менять направление движения на противоположное направление.  Ошибочность этих теорий выявляется, если рассмотреть работу г ... Читать далее

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