Peruvian foreign minister arrives in Moscow on visit
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Russia and Peru are bound by very friendly, warm and diverse relations", said here on Tuesday Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Georgy Mamedov, welcoming Peruvian Foreign Minister Fernando de Trazegnies who arrived in Russia on an official visit. Speaking at the airport to reporters, Mamedov noted that the sides plan during the visit to sign several bilateral documents, the main of which will be a declaration on principles of mutual relations. Apart from the above, the Russian diplomat continued, this visit should be used for fruitful talks both on political and economic issues. A meeting between Russian Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin and the Peruvian minister, scheduled for Wednesday, will give an important impetus to discussion of specific projects in economic cooperation between the two countries, he emphasised. "We have many common approaches to the present international situation," Mamedov added. "We praise the role played Peru in strengthening the United Nations, in reforming the structure of international relations aftdr the cold war, in stregthening the Organisation of American States as well as in integration processes taking place in the Western Hemisphere." "We should like to call special attention of Peruvian colleagues to initiatives, put forth by President Boris Yeltsin at the G8 summit in Cologne, which deal with basics of world order as well as a reform of international relations, Mamedov stressed. The Russian diplomat said that participants in the Moscow talks would discuss specific economic projects on creating infrastructure, the mining industry, the power industry and communications. These projects provide for various forms of Russian participation, including investments. Mamedov noted that a low level of hi-tech goods persists in trade between the two countries. He underlined in this connection that Russia can offer Peru engineering goods which enjoy demand in that Latin American country. ... Read more

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