Proof of the existence of a positron current
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Proof of the existence of a positron current No one doubts the existence of the electronic current, and there is no need to prove it, although the theory of alternating current, based on the assumption that electrons can run in one direction and then in the reverse direction, is clearly erroneous and requires a refutation. To prove the existence of a positron current, it is sufficient to pass the current rectified by the semiconductor bridge through the frame of the magnetoelectric galvanometer in one direction and then in the opposite direction. Both currents will deflect the arrow towards the south pole of the magnet, which corresponds to the charge of the positron. The positron current deflects the arrow only toward the south pole of the magnet, and the electron current deflects the arrow only toward the north pole of the magnet. And vice versa, it can never be. Therefore, Faraday in his famous experiment received an alternating electron-positron current, where the galvanometer needle bends alternately to the north pole of the magnet (electron current) and to the south pole of the magnet (positron current), and where the electron current cannot reverse and flow back, because only a positron current can flow back. Thus, the current of free electrons is not the current that we use. The current we use is the current of electrons and positrons that travels around the conductors and live parts of electrical appliances.   Доказательство существования позитронного тока В существовании электронного тока никто не сомневается, и доказывать незачем, хотя теория переменного тока, построенная на предположении, что электроны могут бежать в одном направлении, а затем в противоположном направлении, явно ошибочна, и требует опровержения. Для доказательства существования позитронного тока достаточно пропустить, выпрямленный полупроводниковым мостом ток через рамку магнитоэлектрического гальванометра, в одном направлении, а затем в обратном направлении. Оба тока будут отклонять ст ... Читать далее

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