Silicone Chemicals-Silicone: What Structural Features?
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silicone chemicals    have a unique structure:(1) Sufficient methyl groups on the Si atom shield the high-energy polysiloxane backbone;(2) C-H has no polarity, which makes the interaction between molecules very weak;(3) The length of the Si-O bond is long, and the bond angle of the Si-O-Si bond is large.(4) Si-O bond is a covalent bond with 50% ionic bond characteristics (covalent bond has directionality, ionic bond has no directionality). FeaturesDue to the unique structure of silicone, it combines the performance of inorganic materials and organic materials. It has the basic properties of low surface tension, low viscosity temperature coefficient, high compressibility, and high gas permeability. It has high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, and oxidation resistance. It is widely used in aerospace, electronic and electrical, construction, transportation, chemical industry, textile, food, light industry, medical treatment and other industries with excellent characteristics such as resistance, weather resistance, flame retardancy, water repellency, corrosion resistance, non-toxic tasteless and physiological inertness Among them, silicone is mainly used for sealing, bonding, lubrication, coating, surface activity, demoulding, defoaming, foam suppression, waterproof, moisture-proof, inert filling, etc. With the continuous increase in the number and variety of silicones, the application fields are continuously expanding, forming an important product system unique in the new chemical material industry. Many varieties are indispensable and indispensable for other chemicals. Organisms also need to participate in the metabolism of organisms, usually the chemical formula of such organosilicon is CH3 (SiOH) 3. Silicones play an important role in various body functions and are directly related to the absorption of minerals. The human body has about seven grams of silicon on average, and its amount far exceeds other important minerals such as iron. Iron and ... Читать далее

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