Some suggestions on the use of conditional cell reprogramming technology for tissue rejuvenation in situ
Senolytics inhibiting the accumulation of senescent cells in the tissues of the elderly, certainly help to counteract the development of age-related pathology. However senolytics should not be used as monotherapy, but in combination with loss replacement methods. One way to compensate losses may be by cloning basic progenitor cells using a method of “Conditionally reprogrammed (conditionally immortalized) cells (CRC). So far, this technology has been successfully tested only for in vitro experiments. However, there are prerequisites to use this technology in vivo. Effect of induced cellular proliferation, concomitant with the amelioration of senescent phenotype by ROCK inhibition was observed in vivo as evidenced by the facilitated cutaneous wound healing. Since one of the factors contributing to the rejuvenation of cells with the formation of (CRC) is Δ133p53α (a natural p53 isoform), it would be interesting to test its effect in vivo in combination with ROCK inhibitor on prolongation of healthy life.
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Some suggestions on the use of conditional cell reprogramming technology for tissue rejuvenation in situ

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