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"The Killer Paradox" or about working with a project team
If you imagine for a moment that killing a competitor is a Project, then your team will need to hire an experienced freelancer for this type of activity.
You will find out a certain conditional rating and select a conditional number 1 or 2 for this work. That is, Killer the most successful or his closest competitor.
It is quite clear why number 10 or 12 will not suit your team!
– You are not ready to bear the risks associated with an unsuccessful attempt...
- The boomerang of your actions can "fly" to you with some "fatal result" (The force of action is often equal to the reaction)
Further, if you manage to conduct a face-to-face conditional interview with a freelancer, you can give him something like a Technical Assignment to eliminate a Competitor in the form of options:
When Et cetera
Since you and your team are amateurs and do not know the craft of fratricide, then you will not go further than this part of the Task.
Yes! You will be required to make an immediate advance of half the cost of the Work and will be "gently hinted" not to interfere with the preparatory process anymore!
And you will obey unconditionally! You will not dare to go further with questions... You will be afraid to invade "foreign territory"! Why?
-The topic is forbidden, the topic is dangerous...And you are amateurs!
And every extra question (or instruction) places personal responsibility on you! The Contractor will not allow you to ask "unnecessary questions"... It is He who may request information from you!
A couple of "sacramental questions" arise:
Why is this "Practice" so effective in insignificant matters?
And why doesn't it work in the practice of preparing Technical Specifications for the IT Project team in an (innovative) format?
There is a elaboration of the task and the stage of its control.
Phased delivery of the Project, assembly points and flexible planning.
A bunch of Big Bosses demand a difficult Task and want to rule the intellectuals as servants!
The Customer is trying to "dictate" some ornate tasks to the Contractor, although his amateurism is obvious...
A certain "Volutarism" from the Customer is considered a latent norm, and this is more than strange!


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"The Killer Paradox" or about working with a project team

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