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Summary of the Strategic Raid on the Territory of Eastern Siberia by the Chinese Army in 2024-28.g

(This is based on the fact that, 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing.

To understand the future of the raid-capture of Russian territory in the area of Lake Baikal, it is necessary to recall the plans for the offensive of the Red Army in 1940-1941, the territory of Western Europe...

The question of preparatory work for the offensive actions of the Soviet army is the question of the capture and retention of the PLOESTI oil fields.

The territory adjacent to the new border of the USSR, the size of many more than one million hectares; at a distance of 100 kilometers from the Moldovan-Romanian border.                                                   

Reminder, that the issue of bombing the territories of oil fields was not resolved due to the cancellation of the production of 500 aircraft designer Petlyakov. Iosif Vissarionovich withdrew his signature from the production order 6 times. The ground invasion was preempted at 3:30 p.m. on June 22, 1941.., The Danube flotilla was unable to carry out the operation, and there were witnesses to it, only, Hidden in the archives of the military..

In the future war of the PRC and the Russian Federation, everything will take place according to a symmetrical scenario. Only in the role of the Ploesti oil fields will be the glorious Baikal Sea - a resource of juvenile water of the planet Earth (20%) of the total availability of this resource.

And that’s just part of the information:

Many riches can bring many sorrows to Russia..

Forward divisions of the enemy numbering at least 3 (combined airborne corps) will be moved through the border station of Naushki, in June transit through the territory of Mongolia.

The hidden transfer of troops will be carried out with the help of sealed echelons with a hundred cars in each. Under the cover of night with an interval of 20-30 minutes.

The first landing wedge will take up defense and will flow for 2-3 days calmly and methodically expand the springboard of the offensive in the area of Lake Baikal and the adjacent territories of the lake.

In particular, a section of the Trans-Siberian railway longer than 100 kilometers will be taken under control in the first two to three days of the offensive of the PRC army with the help of mobile infantry reinforced by subversive detachments.

A few armies, по 43.600 in each will be made a big march

Around the perimeter of the Bakal. In places of possible movement of troops of the Russian Army will be located local fortifications.Areas.                                                  


Why would it be done this way or any other way?  

Взять «в клещи» море Байкал   легко и просто и «разумно», с позиции китайского Наблюдателя.                                               

Having captured several key bridgeheads, it is possible to develop the success of the offensive by aviation forces and reserve units, which in the Chinese People's Army reaches 50 million people.

The coordination of the offensive of the Chinese army and fleets will be supported by the forces of the young armies of Japan and South Korea. Political consensus will be reached. Asians will be united on this issue...                                                 

The question of the participation of the coalition of the Eurozone countries from the West during this period, China, very much, desirable. And, recently, possible. Alas for us.

The success of the operation is guaranteed for the simple reason that, that we repeat again and again — in the first 20 days, the Russian army will not be able to organize not only a counteroffensive, deployment of an adequate number of personnel and equipment of adequate quality.

The Russian army does not have such experience in deploying armed forces.

Mobilization of an adequate number of resources will take at least 45 days (we do not mention here the creation of an operational plan for counter-offensive)!

By proper quantity we mean threefold superiority!

The main thing, that near 200-300 kilometers from Lake Baikal mass bombardment with atomic weapons is excluded, and there are no other means capable of rendering proper resistance to the landing divisions of the PRC in the Russian army! They have yet to be created.!

To be realized, Capture of Eastern Siberia, More than likely.

Russia currently has no strategic allies... We’re alone.

We need fundamentally new weapons for combat work on new defensive lines..

In the book "Innovative Economy" (Roadmap 2050) there is a plan for the re-profiling of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill.

У плана есть и вторая - военно-техническая сторона.                                                        


"The Price of the Question" - $20 billion (Twenty billion). INMHO…                                                   

In Soviet times, more than a hundred compact nuclear bombs were laid on the defense line on the border with Mongolia and from the Ussuri region. It is better for our readers not to know the current state of affairs.

Shall we, only, Military units are concentrated in the border area, the number is small and the situation of the sample of the year 1941 lasts as in the old days.., But all these lines of defense and supply lanes are designed for a global and large-scale offensive from China by large mechanized units with infantry support, Which will not be!

Russian generals continue to play in the last world war or the French version of the Maginot line. In the absence of lines. It should be stated here, This is a losing strategy..!

China’s army will never go through Mongolia to Russia. An option to pass from the ocean coast is possible, Complicated by the scale of the operation. The Chinese army does not have such experience of a strategic offensive. The General Staff of the Celestial Empire knows about it...

To a certain extent, According to Sun Tzu's strategy, Our neighbor is waiting patiently.., When the grapes are ripe and the fox (monkey) can eat the ripe berry... It makes sense to attack Russia at the time of the attack from the West.

And not before that...

Technically, Russia can work China powerful seismic shock from the ocean. How we are prepared for such an operation is unknown.. Here is the opportunity itself., Clean, Hypothetically...

There are global innovative products that can be applied to the defense circuit in a global format. The question is, Are we on time??

Overtake and “overtake” China and the United States in the field of innovative weapons is possible. But that was “yesterday.”.

Recent events on the fronts of the empire speak about the lack of readiness for the “dynamic defense” of the perimeter of the Russian Federation. Absence of junior officers and non-commissioned officerscPectives up to 20 years.

On obsolete weapons in the form of multiple launch systems and UAVs. Et cetera…                                                      


The military leaders of the PRC army comprehended Our Ukrainian Operation.

This is the beginning of the entrance to the new Stratigema!





 Swarm Intelligence (RI. swarm intelligence)describes the collective behavior of a decentralized self-organizing system. Considered in the theory of artificial intelligence as a method of optimization. The term was coined by Gerardo Beni and Wang Jing in 1989, In the context of cellular robot systems.


Over the past 20 years, there have been hostile BPL ammunition. BPL potential, still unclear. Important, This potential is universal and great...


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