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In the international division of labor, Russia is a supplier of hydrocarbons. Try to write, In 10 years, machines will be built.., Ignoring gravity. Auto 3 D. And we'll be known as the city's madmen...

A person needs a device for moving in space in all its three dimensions (or better in four)!

For the implementation of Technologies with such Potentials, We are free to offer a target Emission.

We will need the "germ" of innovative technology and a new toolkit for collecting free laboratory materials and tools. We called this Derivative “Innovative Derivatives.”!

It’s not about finance and primitive derivatives. Rather, a permissive Documentary Basis. Mandate for the right to work complexity. Right, In this there is , The Revolutionary Initiatives of the First Soviet Government, Model of 1918. The Creator should be given the right to “expropriate” what is necessary for the benefit of the creation of the Techno-phenomenon.

On the basis of a correct and understandable basis, the author of the global innovation is free to assemble a working team, Renting scientific and laboratory facilities, with that, in order to work in a period of time Prototype Product. Globally speaking, a new way of working with matter and time. Everything here is variable and there can be no restrictions.                        

Cthe thought of “Innovative Derivatives” in creating conditions for the creation of global Essences.

Provided, The word technology means a set of algorithms., that can give a certain result in the development of matter and time.

Here we have a kind of technological determinism.

And all attempts to create stable definitions border on the framework of the possible. Essence.

It is necessary to take the basis of two, Three., The Five “Infants” of Technology, how the sublimation of Assets of all genera and properties becomes possible around them!

In fact, We are creating a fundamentally new organic approach to the construction of technological essences. Not exactly...

Technology can work in fractional packets.

The Packages will stand on a platform and make up a critical mass or a Victory Material for the benefit of the New Humane Civilization!  

Everything is known in comparison, Ow!!The current innovations of the 4th technology way. Like this How Engine Internal combustion from Mr. Diesel or How to Generate Electrical Energy c Help Rotary and A stator from the master Edison


Innovative technologies open new horizons. No harm to human health. Inako, They are not needed. In principle.

Make a prediction:

CSee also Standards 7G и 8G... right after 5G.

No information “density” is worth the health of users,and transmitter masts, that megacities “treangulate” are a colonnade for the glory of technical insolvencyIT companies...


Observe this prediction and let it come true! Can't wait to get there soon... I have an opinion, Network 5 is not secure. It's possible...


The Right to Create New Tools for Civilisation Development? Our colleagues are ready to start work with local budgets,

But even this opportunity is deliberately deprived of them..

Any The banker will talk about the standard procedure and transparency of consumer credit, The development of civilization, It is not our priority.?


If the inventor of the wheel asked for a loan from the “Prehistoric Bank”, We would still be “stealing.”!

Imagine a patent for the right to use fire for heating the home and cooking hot food! (Rhetoric!)

Veterans NASA They are forced to admit, that the 1969 moon landing was in defiance of Anglo-Saxon mercantilist logic.


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