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It makes sense to interpret the new tools that we have introduced into scientific circulation of such a term as "Intellectual Relief of the Nation"!

The conditional "relief" can be considered a reflection of a certain level (height) of development of 10% of the intellectual part of the Nation above the boundless human ocean...

Here, by Intelligence we mean the thinker's ability for abstract thinking (from the Latin abstraction "distraction"), which goes beyond the scope of vulgar entities.

Speaking about the "Intellectual Relief of the Nation," we understand that representatives from the league of intellectuals do not often descend to the foot...
(here, about the vulgar worldview inherent in people from the thick of the people; we are far from condemning the inhabitants of single-industry towns and unfortunate villages; such settlement, by definition, suppresses the sprouts of personal development of both young and growing up)

When a Man is born, he has many potentialities, often intellectual. Perhaps he is a Poet, Thinker, Musician, Explorer, Engineer, and so on...
Experiences in the middle of the second half of the 20th century showed that among many people great previously unknown Potentials were hidden..
US special forces worked in this direction in the Stargate program.
In the USSR, since the late eighties, in military unit No. 10003, the program of General Alexei Savin worked.
A team of professionals with cosmological skills of special vision and influence was created from young officers.

And moreover, a little later, fruitful work was carried out with children of school and preschool age. In just two or three weeks, specialist instructors raised the intellectual level of their students.
Children began to write talented poems, draw and talk about the nature of existence at the level of many adults... This must be repeated!

Such intellectual springboards can provide transformations for the entire perspective of the development of the Personality... In the royal gymnasium, students were given knowledge of ancient Greek and Latin and two European "living" languages. And this is how they organized their thinking!

As an illustrated example, we propose to introduce Trachtenberg's "quick counting" methodology into the secondary education system, which will give a qualitative leap in the neural system of the brain of primary schoolchildren!
(The Trachtenberg system is a mental counting system developed by mathematician Jacob Trachtenberg during his imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp. It consists of several parts - methods of multiplication by numbers from 2 to 12, a method of multiplying arbitrary natural numbers, and others)
And it's quite easy to stage "Theatres of Machines and Mechanisms" in schools. Simple devices in the form of levers, supports, winches, Archimedes screws and a sheet "From Mobius" and a bottle "From Klein"...


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