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In the year 398 of Our Era, the Emperor Constantine of Rome transferred his capital to the city of Constantinople in his own name.

It's, at all, It was not the beginning of a division between the East and West.., How Textbooks Are Written.

It was an attempt to become a thalossocracy in the full sense of this understanding.

Rome destroyed Carthage and replaced it in the Mediterranean in all the space of the Ecumene.

He took control of all the trade routes.

And as it turned out later, This move saved the Eastern Empire for a thousand years.

And he has preserved much of the cultural heritage of Rome and Greece.

What's that?

Intuition of genius, Diversification of risks, awareness of the coming of new social dominants in the form of tribes of barbarians?

Who knows...

It's interesting here, The culture of Constantinople was, The Greek version of the world...

And that's remarkable.

What are we, In this Preamble?

About that., The fact that the Anglo-Saxons get along with New Atlantis and the AUKUS alliance is direct proof of this.

Looks like, that the entire debt burden of the States will be assumed by trillion-dollar obligations and tribes of "barbarians" from Latin America.

Never happened before... and "here again"!

Few political scientists in Russia and the world testify to this event.

Few can stand in the wind of the "world escapade" ...

We believe, We're right a lot.

Antarctica, Australia, The Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic are the object of the desires of the newly elected "caste" of the Anglo-Saxons.

No more, no less.

The Russian people, that work the future of the eastern from the northern limits of the Slavic spaces about that trace and understand and remember and rule your way.


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